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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 20, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> but they should step in to save the car industry which obama did. >> sean: we are out of time. out in two and two and greta is next. see you tomorrow night. thank you for being with us. >> greta: tonight, rush limbaugh accuses a democrat of inventing a whole new voting bloc. here is rush limbaugh. >> the headline. 2012, the year of birth control moms? first came the soccer moms. then the security moms. will 2012 be the here of the birth control moms? or moms. democrats tra teegerrist and pollster ette said it's enough to irritate independent suburban mothers and reengage young women who haven't tuned in the campaign so far;
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meaning, santorum and the talk about contraception, which you and i know is trumped up. nobody, even now, after all that happened over the weekend, including santorum. nobody is suggesting we been a con ra seption. particularly at the federal level. that is a totally manufacturered issue. you if you are a regular listener to the program, you know it began on january 7 in a debate, stephanopoulos the moderator asking romney if he believes in contraception. romney, what the hell is this? what are you asking me that? i don't care. >> do you support the state? it's silly. on the record as asked and answered. santorum said the states could if they wanted to, she's a states' right guy. he answered in states right
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more than contraception question. they do not have an issue they can run on. thaw do not have the economy or one thing to point to and say you want four more years of this, vote for us. they have to gin something up and they have done it here. now they drum up the birth control moms. isn't that contradictory? a birth control mom? how do you become a mom if you are in to birth control? i know after you become a mom and don't want to do it anymore, fine. but it's trumped up. there aren't birth control moms out there. the soccer moms if you recall, there really weren't soccer moms either. soccer mom was invented, voting group. if you recall the soccer moms
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were average ordinary middle class women who drove suvs and vans. they did it all. oh, my gosh. they got up and the moment five minutes later they're fatigue and ready to go back to bed. get the kids off to school. pick them up. go to the school play. take them to soccer practice and the play and everything. bill clinton cared more about them than their own lousy husbands did. that was the soccer mom convention. the husbands took them for granted and couldn't care less but bill clinton cared. he cared more about them than anybody in their whole lives and then the security moms, same creation now birth control moms. >> greta: okay. birth control moms, are they real? if they are, how will they impact the 2012 vote? we are joined by ambreen. birth control moms.
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is there a group? >> no. we are having two conversations right now. on the left, narrative that women's right group, and women's health will be a big issue in the election cycle. there is a real effort to try to kind of push the birth control mom. on the right, this is not an issue about birth control at all. the people opposed to the president's birth control mandate do so on religious freedom ground. a poll out shows among republicans that there is great opposition on the issue. this falls along partisan lines. i don't see a new constituency here. >> greta: how important is the women's vote? if you go to 2008, how much do candidates reach out to women? >> it's important because among independent voters women are in the majority.
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>> greta: a lot? >> 60%. in 2008, president obama won the woman's vote by 13 points. in 2010, there was potential. if it sticks until november it's possible it could be important voting issue. women like men are worried about jobs. women lost more jobs in the recession. i don't know if this is the top issue for them. >> the economy was 68%. now is general election. >> we have four candidates rising to the republican nomination.
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>> there is support for rick santorum. despite there has been some talk about whether he is going too far with stance on abortion and women in combat. but there is a lot of women socially conservative women who still back rick santorum. >> greta: i heard in the last couple of days how enormous number of catholic women use birth control. unusual this is the issue to grab the vote. >> it's not about birth control for them. that is what this narrative is about on the right. more successful conservatives are talk about religious freedom issue government imposing on that, the more successful they will be.
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>> greta: this is fascinating that this has become an important issue. we are all talking about jobs for so long. the president changed his rule about birth control it changed the direction of the discussion. >> i'm not convinced this is bad for the president. talking about the issue instead of the job numbers or some of the economic initiatives might play out well for him in the election. >> greta: i don't know. they're passionate about this. >> greta: sarah palin, donald trump, governor chrisie and daniels say they are not running for the nomination. governor daniels says he gets call urging him to change his
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mind. >> look in the chris call ball as something going on. >> if romney loses michigan you will see shouts from the rooftop for republicans to reconsider their option. if santorum wins in the state, it would question the premise of the romney campaign, ability to win in the home state of a big industrial battleground state. republicans will worry about electability. get out the delegate map. >> greta: let's talk about the brokered convention. is it possible to jump in the race? you can't get on the ballot. so it's got to go to brokered convention to happen. >> if someone jumped in today and get on the ballots that are available, only 11 states that you can qualify for. you could make things interes
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interesting. get in now. that is how it has to happen. brokered convention. you wonder who the brokers are. if you get to tampa and there is no front runner. >> greta: the romney campaigns must be distress. he is in the national polls second to rick santorum. me might be tied in arizona. he is beating him in michigan. grim days. >> right. they have a week to turn it around. they were lucky they had three weeks between last round of voting and michigan primary, arizona as well. next tuesday. if he is able to win there, romney rights the ship. odds on favorite to win nomination. if he loses in michigan or arizona, he is still the front runner to win. but a different map. santorum has a shot to become the nominee. that's where the republicans
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are concerned. republicans see him likely to lose to president obama and worry in the year that obama is beatable they put up a nominee strong enough to win. >> greta: we talked about before getting started a wild card that you don't hear much discussion about. america elect. nobody is talking about that. tell us what that is. >> americans elected is a group of independents, some diseffected republicans. to get on all the ballot. nominating contest, to choose a delegate. they will be on ballot to make a difference. we couldn't talk about a ross perot situation if not bigger. >> this is for real? >> this is for real. assuming they find someone to appeal to a broad majority or number of voter, this is a factor. >> greta: i went online
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tonight to look at the elected. thigh talk about the online presence in the primary and the first run. first phase that began february 1. the league wants to talk about bloomberg, buffett, condoleezza rice, jon huntsma huntsman, rahm emanuel. >> keep in mind someone has to want this. you can be drafted to a point. but they have to say yea or nay. they have to commit to bipartisan ticket rahm emanuel has to choose a republican and he'd run against his old boss. that is not going to happen. steps have to happen before they get a candidate. >> greta: mitch daniels could get in that way or sarah palin could get in. >> but they are likely to go the republican party out. way to be republican party nominee. they don't want to play spoiler. that is one thing to stop
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prominent republicans from getting in. we don't know if it's a centrist or to the left or the right. >> this is extraordinary what could happen. >> you could have ralph nader type or feingold type. upset about a lot of the president policies. i think we are more likely to see the split and middle toward the right. that's where the action has been. this is one of the interesting things about this. they don't nowhere they align. >> greta: if they get to convention and no one has 1144 votes who is in charge? who is the leader? >> each state delegation ends up being influential. most state have governors to head it up. if you look for a state that voted for candidate, romney or santorum and they will split it up.
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there aren't power brokers to divvy up support. romney has the establishment support and he could go in without a majority and pure ralty and win. >> greta: how about gingric gingrich? >> he doesn't have the support without totality of the party to walk in without big chunk of delegates to move things. >> greta: tough break, he was expecting texas to be his turn-around. thought it would be april and now pushed to may. santorum is now leading in the poll. >> and gingrich has to win primaries. santorum is doing that. romney is doing that. it's looking more and more like a two-person race. >> usually money excludes somebody but they have good numbers. >> the super pack out there could keep them alive even if they don't raise money. >> sean: straight ahead, >> greta: acran makes good
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>> greta: this is a fox news alert. euro zone finance ministers reached a bail-out deal for greece. the $170 billion bail-out will reduce greece's debt to 125% by the year 2020. the package addresses the biggest problem facing greece and euro zone. if greece defoughted on the debt next month it would have sent the government bond markets to turmoil. stay tuned to fox news channel for the latest on the breaking news. iran makes a move. the target, britain and france. the weapon, oil. iran's government snubbing the french and brit ordering stop to all order exports. it comes the same day nuclear inspector arrive in tehran. what are the intended consequences? does it impact us? former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. we should note that britain and u.k. were planning to stop the purchase in july anyway. this is presymptive. >> this is a little you're
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fired/i quit. real effect is italy and greece that import substantial oil. it shows that iran gained out the consequence of the sanctions. they haven't been sitting there waiting to be slapped around. they understood this was potential. they have taken precautionary steps to deal with it. this is part of what we're seeing. >> greta: are the sanctions working at all? >> no. here is the point. director of the national intelligence james clapper, the obama administration top intelligence official said a couple of weeks ago in testimony to congress that the economic sanctions had not changed any of iran's policies or behavior on the nuclear front. one thing for disruption and the added cost of doing business and another thing to get iran to stop a 20-year-long quest for nuclear weapons. on that score, they haven't done anything. >> greta: ambassador -- we'll have general scales on in a minute to talk about the
10:20 pm
military action that israel is faced if it elects to do so. i thought it interesting over the weekend, it seems and this is my guess that is leaked to the news organizations the information to discourage israel going after iran. is that what you think? >> it's recognition that private pressure on israel for administration not to strike is failing. they are going public. a terrible sickal and weakness to iran that we are more concerned about israeli strike than we are about iranian nuclear weapon. for vailed it demonstrates nobody else will take care of them. >> if israel doesn't do it, it's inevitable they have a nuclear weapon. and sometimes they will share it with the good friends in syria and share it with hezbollah.
10:21 pm
not pretty picture down the road. >> not just that, not just iran sharing it with the allies. the terrorist threat is real one. you can take aned vice and take it anywhere that the terrorist can get to. but the threat is beyond. that if iran has a nuclear weapons capability, saudi arabia will get nuclear weapons. egypt will. turkey will. perhaps others in the middle east. you could have half a dozen nuclear weapon state in a relatively short period of time. >> greta: what is going to happen? president obama says he won't let iran get a nuclear weapon. >> nobody believes that by the way. >> i hear iran won't get nuclear weapon. but look at the cards on the table. i look like israel is the only one who has been forceful about it. >> i would love to believe president obama is pea paired
10:22 pm
to use military force to stop iran getting a nuclear weapon. it's not going to happen. i think israel has to make a tough decision. their calculus is not is it a hard mission? they are looking at the risk of tel aviv turned to charcoal brickette. will they take risk to prevent it from happening? you bet. >> greta: what is going to happen? >> i have to say most likely outcome that iran gets nuclear weapons. the only wild card is whether or not israel decides to strike. >> greta: if not, tel aviv will be up in flames? >> if you don't like iran conduct now attempting to assassinate the saudi ambassador in washington, engaged in terrorism around the world, how much worse do you think it will be once they get nuclear weapons? >> greta: if you are president, what would you do? >> support israeli attack against key element of the iranian nuclear weapons program. cut the control of the nuclear fuel cycle.
10:23 pm
and buy enough time to overthrow the regime. >> greta: if you read the "new york times" article over the weekend, i'll talk about it with general scales in a minute. it looks like a very difficult military mission. >> at israel's capacity. so israel prefers the united states could do it. we are going to get blamed for it. anyway. we might as well make sure it succeeds. point from israel perspective, as risky as it may be, the risk of iran with nuclear weapons is infinitely worse. >> greta: we can't be the only country besides israel that doesn't want iran to have a nuclear weapon. where is france on this? the u.k. on this? i realize we're russia and china because of the u.n. veto but where the other countrys? >> britain and france wasted ten years on futile effort at negotiation. if they wanted to participate militarily, their capacity is limited. arab states don't want israel to have nuclear weapons more than anything else does
10:24 pm
because they know they don't have the capability. they say there will be general consecration in the middle east. there won't. arab knows if israel takes out the nuclear weapons program will be doing their work. >> greta: i think many americans are weary at the thought of another military action. but if you look to see what iran is going to be doing with the nuclear weapon, when they get them it doesn't give us -- the options are not pretty. >> polls show americans by pluralitys in some cases substantial majority would favor military action to prevent iran getting nuclear weapons. that is the choice. not the choice between the world as is it today and a world after strike. but a world where iran has nuclear weapons. >> greta: it's hard to go backwards, too, one someone has acquired nuclear weapons. nobody goes backwards. >> not so far. we have the case of north korea as an example. as i say, it doesn't stop with iran. three or four other states in the rion will get nuclear weapons. that is what proliferation is.
10:25 pm
they inspire other nations to get the same. >> greta: a switch, united states warning our good friend israel. why? we will tell you. major general bob scales goes "on the record" next. also, a big oscar battle but it does not include george clooney and brad pitt. who is at the center of the oscar fight? stay tuned. alist. a complete multivitamin enhanced for what's important to me. vision. energy. prenatal. heart. [ man] new centrum specialist helps make nutrition possible.
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>> greta: what if this happens? what if israel attack iran and it happens soon? right now israel is sending signs it's running out of patience. here is what we do know. over the weekend, united states and britain publicly urging israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu not to strike. some officials, though, went further suggesting that israel's military would fail. but an attack on iran would be difficult. to start with, israel would have to strike iran four major nuclear site. one is buried beneath 30 feet of concrete and another is built in the mountain. but that's not all. the fighter jets would have to overcome all obstacles. what are they? major general bob scales joins us. good evening. >> hi, greta. >> greta: before we talk about the obstacles, israel seems to be talking right now so much about possibility of striking iran. the united states wants sanctions. it sounds like there is two sets of intelligence gathering.
10:30 pm
one is worried we are running out of time and the other has more time before we worry about iran with a nuclear weapon. >> the big difference is threat. to israel, tehran is a threat that portends national violations. to us, it's more of a distant threat. >> greta: i think if we thought iran had a nuclear weapon tomorrow we'd act faster. the fact that we are still doing sanctions and talking we think there is a longer runway. >> think there is a longer runway. >> greta: israel must think it's happening -- must have different intelligence. why are they talking about it in the next month or two? >> not just because of threat but the conditions. the weather is one thing. the fact that the iranians are working hard to harden this even more and disburse it. israelis want to start when the weather is right, so sometime in the spring or summer. >> greta: what is the difficulty, the u.s. officials are making it sound like it's difficult for the military to
10:31 pm
strike. >> it's a tough mission. it's 1,000 miles in and 1,000 miles out. long way for fighter strike. secondly, complexity of the admission. 1981, against the facilities 2007, those were strikes. this is a campaign. it takes days and maybe weeks. this is soviet missile that we sold to the shaw to put up resistance. i got to tell you, the last thing that is most difficult is nature of the target. some of is it in urban areas. multiple targets spread over vast area. not just striking the single reactor and flying home. >> greta: can israel penetrate a nuclear facility that is under 30 feet of
10:32 pm
concrete? >> difficult. the answer is no with what they have now. that leads to us the important part of the whole deal. how much of the united states willing to support israel when they conduct this? we support them in '73. we supported the brit niche the falklands and we have a habit of supporting our allies that fight unilateral war. are we willing to give bomb, electronic warfare support, tanker support and other things to provide to israelis they can't provide. >> greta: they have f-16. >> if they leave israel and head to nuclear facility 1,000 miles you have to get permission to fly in the air space. >> they can go central route or southern route. >> greta: any problem getting permission? >> no. >> not a problem. how about fuel? >> that is a big issue. the planes will be heavy loaded with the bunker busting bombs. air-to-air weapons.
10:33 pm
that will force them to tank. that make it a much more complex operation. >> greta: of course then they may do loitering or fighting. >> they have to take out the airport and air defense and attack targets to attack targets multiple times. >> this is made public. obstacles like the obama administration was unsuccessful privately. this is peculiar it's so public. >> afraid the israelis would strike so soon. the administration thinks they can talk the iranians out of weaponnizing their nuclear weapons program. we are fighting two wars. finished another one.
10:34 pm
administration is reluctant to par tisnate a third. >> is there a chance israelis have different interpretation than we do with how far iranians are? >> there is. my sources tell me iranian intelligence is better than ours for reasons we can't discuss on the air. >> greta: israelis? >> the israelis have excellent intelligence. the big issue is timeline. israelis want to go soon. we want more time. >> they don't want tel aviv to go up in flames. why are they talking about it now? i think they have a sense of urgency. i fear that they have intelligence that we don't have. that is my guess. >> like ambassador bolton said. if iran gets a nuclear weapon, the only thing is a presymptive strike it changes the complexion of the middle
10:35 pm
east. we are in a different bal ballgame. >> greta: jerk thank you. >> coming up, hoshable news out of mexico. wait until you hear who partnered with a violent cartel. it's about as bad as you can imagine. you'll hear all about it. you have heard the phrase hell has no fury like a woman scorned. we have the 2012 version. hell has no furry like a woman scorned like with access to the internet. it's never going away. you have to hear this one. chronc osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults.
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>> greta: mexico's drug war spirals out of control. the latest on a deadly prison riot and prison break in 60 seconds. but first, go to the newsroom where we have headlines. >> we are getting word that syrian forces in damascus opening fire on demonstrators injuring four.
10:40 pm
syrian troops an tanks are said to gather outside the city. activists are preparing for what could turn in a few round of fierce urban combat. ceremonying honoring former astronaut john glenn 50 years to the day after he was the first american to orbit the earth. the historic 1962 launch celebrated at a gala in ohio. he was the first man to set foot on the moon was there. now back to "on the record" with greta. ♪ ♪ >> greta: terrifying news. it's every night and right next door. here is tonight's, a mass murder at mexican prison. it was all inside job. prison officials including the prison director are accused of
10:41 pm
helping violent inmate stage prison riot, commit cold-blooded murder and escape. 44 inmates stabbed to death. 30 drug cartel members on the loose. now, how could this all have happened? fox news correspondent james joins us by phone from mexico city. how could this happen and how certain are they the prison directors are part of this? >> this is not the first time this has happened. the investigation is whether they colludeed in all of this. it seems likely somebody did. the first thing they got the, somehow the two sets of prisoners got together. that is when the violence started. you it took prison guards and police more than two hours to
10:42 pm
get control of the jail. that in itself is worth investigating. the director of the jail has been suspended. senior officers were suspende suspended. 30 of them are now on the loose. it looks certain that is it some form of collusion. whether it's prescribery has to be found in investigation. disaster. another disaster for the mexican penal system. >> greta: is this in northern mexico? all i read is they are the most violent of the violent cartels. am i right? >> you are right. back in 1999, form the drug carnel.
10:43 pm
they have the hit men to be the drug cartel. and until last year they were uneasy reliance. this is a result. they are now muscling in. they are doing this. they are even in guatemala. the president sent in the army against them. not contained within mexico. they are dangerous and violen violent. 30 of them are on the loose somewhere near the israel industrial heart in the northeast of mexico. not that far, really, from the u.s. border. >> greta: has president calderon said anything in response to this riot, this escape and this prison officials being accused of being part of it?
10:44 pm
>> no. most of this has come from the governor. he basically said he wants to get to the bottom of this. he used the word treachery. that is a well-chosen word. they have been strangleed, bludgeoned to death. >> greta: horrible. >> was it cover for escape or did they want to kill as many rivals before this? again, we have to find out about that. at the moment, it's at the state level. but the seriousness, it will go right to mexico as well. disaster. >> greta: i got to go, james. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: tonight, fugitives are not the only ones on the run. powerful and vicious drug trafficer in mexico and possibly the world is also wanted man. she known as guzman. the cartel moves tons of drugs across mexico's boarder to the
10:45 pm
street in the united states. so, who is the man at the top? griff jenkins has more on el chapel. >> he is mexico's most wanted man. the u.s. calls him the world's most powerful drug trafficer. he is at the top of the dea list, number 55 on most powerful people for forbes. the u.s. is offering $5 million. who is juaquin el chapel guzman? >> probably the most wanted man on the planet. >> the author of -- [ inaudible ] mexico's most wanted drug trafficer in charge of the cartel. that traffics dug in the united states every year. methamphetamine, heroin. he works in illogical ways. he wants to make money and get drugs across the border.
10:46 pm
>> it will is known of guzzman's childhood. only he grew up in poverty. his father pezsant farmer from the mountainous region of mexico. how does he compare to the colombian cartel leader of the 1990s, pablo escobar? >> i call him the last narco. the last of a certain breed, godfather of the mexican drug trade. that was business first. quiet life, don't seek attention. don't do pablo escobar in colombia in 1980s and '90s that wreaked havoc on the state. he wanted to run for congress at one point. he ran for congress. that is the way a drug lord gets killed. >> how serious of a threat do the mexican cartel pose to america? consider this.
10:47 pm
in nine months in 2011 there were 13,000 drug related murders. that is 48 a day for one every half hour. in the last five years 50,000 have been killed. at home, they're known to operate in over 1,000 u.s. cities. >> it's as powerful a drug lord as escobar was? i put them on equal footing. >> michael brawn the former chief of operations to the dea. >> guzman is a dead man walking. none of the guys ever live to a ripe old age where they are bouncing their grandchildren on their knees, telling them, you know, stories. that is just not in their dna. they are driven by one thing: greed. insatiable appetite for more. that is part of the reason that mexico got itself in trouble in the better part of six decades. politicians, government
10:48 pm
officials, law enforcement, military authorities in that country attempted to manage, organized crime by just cutting deals with them. sometimes they were motivated by greed themselves and wanted to line their pockets. >> how far does chapel's reach and tent cans go in the united states? >> guzman and the lower cartel are responsible for drug trafficking, in many, many cities throughout the united states. it is important to understand his te tent calls reach throughout central america, and eastern pacific to the north coast of colombia. where his sources for cocaine are based.
10:49 pm
the only thing you accomplish by cutting a deal with the groups is you empower them. you help them grow stronger. one thing for sure, they will break any agreement you make with them within 24 to 48 hours. because they want more money. they want more turf. they want more power. you simply can't deal with the devil. the devil will bite you in the ass every time. >> greta: straight ahead, hollywood wants to put a stop to the oscar awards. why would they want to do that? you have to hear this one. what would charlie sheen say to jeremy lin? start guessing. the latest linsanity coming u up. i find the omega choices overwhelming. then i found new pronutrients omega-3. it's from centrum. it's a smaller minigel. with two of the best omegas to support my heart, brain and eyes.
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>> greta: you have seen the top story but the best of the rest. cheaters beware. you could get outed. the news today women or men can legally name exs and call them scum or anything else online. a judge says throwing out lawsuit by new york man against two exlovers. he claimed they repeatedly trashed him on website he said the statements were
10:54 pm
meant to destroy his career but the judge said they were clearly opinion. this is a sport you don't see often. touchbacking. in georgia, the world class stacker. miller is one of the fastest cup stackers. it requires him to pile up the cup and take them down. he as competed in several countries. up next taking the talents to the world championship in germany. an unusual battle is brewing but no movie stars involved. it seems hollywood is trying to stop everyone else using the name oscar. academy of motion picture arts and science is demanding that a group in poland stop giving out the version of an oscar award. the folk arts society in polling gives award to artist and has nothing to do with hollywood academy awards. the group even spells oscar differently. the society says it will fight the academy. there you have it. the best of the rest. coming up, jeremy lin better watch out. apparently he has a bizarre connection to charlie sheen.
10:55 pm
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time for last call. and saturday night slif getting in on the act. >> and now... mardel. point guard number 17, jeremy lin. and now, despite the knicks loss to new orleans, big apple is still in the middle of a invasion you better lock me up. i have been lin-sane. my feelings are lin-tense. >> and it's lin stopable. i'm lin love. >> and i ahe agree we'll never have anyo


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